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Company trip part 2-final

Hello to everyone!!!

Outing will not be complete without the food being set.
So let’s check what they had to offer us:

We have our dinner outside the hotel with this sumptuous grilled dishes.
I think this is one of our most favorite.

Get and eat what you want, we need to refill our energy for the whole day.


Since we are really full to the max where there’s no space left in our stomach, we bring our leftovers to one of the room
and we got a few bonding moment there, where we got to know each other more.
We get to know little by little with our supervisors and workmates, so that we can understand each one’s point of view and personality.


Finally, our two days company trip has ended. Thank you very much to our boss,
this is the colorful experience and no words can explain for the enjoyment we had.
feeling some muscle pain in our body from the activities, we know this is a trip we will never forget.

We need now get back to the business as usual, but this rare experience was such an inspiration for our work as well.
I will surely do my best so that I may look forward to more activity and outing that I will tell you someday.

I do hope you were enjoying too and be with us to our next journey.

Arigato gozaimasu!!!