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Company trip part 1


Counting the days 1..2..3…summer was going to end.

We are super-duper excited because today, we are setting out for our company trip 2019.
It’s our kind of escape away from the crowded city, and we’re going to a place where the blue waters and fishes are waiting for us.

The place that we have chosen was north part of Luzon, with about 3 hours of travel.

As we arrived, we’re so busy wandering around and we are in awe with the beauty of the beach
and the design of it while taking our selfies and groupies.


If you think work was on my mind, let’s forget it and enjoy this for a moment.
Because this time we are going to start our activity,
so follow me while im gonna swim with the lost nemo in the midst of the sea:


We enjoy a lot but wait it’s not yet enough because I’m gonna bring you to
our best activity that was my very first time of my story….


This is what we called inflatable park; we swim, we climb, we jump
we slide, we do everything as what a normal park could offer.
We don’t care the scratches we may get on our knees as long
as the joy in our heart reflects to our faces.

We are enjoying like a kid, who would think we’re mature now?
So that’s it, stay with us for the second part of this story.